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OpenMoko: opkg autocompletion with packages names

Le 28-09-2008 à 15:01 par Electronic Sapiens.Dans Linux

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Bored to find the package name with the slowly "opkg search | grep -i whatImSearching", I wrote a script to make opkg completion possible in 2008.9 (it could work with FSO). Here are the instructions :

Intro :

0pkg (zero pkg) is composed of one /usr/bin/0pkg-update script to generate another script of your packages in /0pkg-complete

Install :

Copy this 0pkg-update script to the FreeRunner /usr/bin with the name 0pkg-update. This can be done in ssh like :

wget http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=f1d7295c1 && mv f1d7295c1.sh /usr/bin/0pkg-update
Use :
. /0pkg-completion

I tried to make it as simple and FAST as possible. Let me now if you have difficulties or improvements ;-)

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